Shane and Meagen Johnson are the perfect couple you’d want to go out with on a double date. They love to laugh, enjoy life and they may even pick up your half of the tab (if Shane’s feeling generous).

Meagen is an athlete. Shane is not. Meagen has ambition. Shane has Ambien. But they both love endurance sports- Meagen participating, and Shane spectating. But it wasn’t always this way. Shane didn’t even know what a triathlon was until he met Meagen and little did he know that he’d be spending many Saturday’s getting up early to watch his “crazy wife” nearly kill herself for a $5 medal and bragging rights.

Now Shane loves to run and bike (but not swimming- people drown that way) and Meagen enjoys beating him up at the gym. One thing is for sure, Meagen loves her sports and Shane just tries to keep up.

Together, they have four kids, and they both will tell you that having three teenage daughters can be more exhausting than training for an Ironman. When they aren’t playing in the endurance sports world, they love to travel, eat sushi and fall asleep early on the couch.