The Kick is about everyday athletes keeping pace with their passion!

It’s the dad getting up at 4 a.m. to get a run in before his family wakes up.
It’s the mother regaining her life after breast cancer.
It’s the brother who needed to make some healthy changes.
It’s the best friends who challenge each other to a race.
It’s the grandpa setting an example for his kids and grandkids.
It’s the couple kissing at the finish line celebrating all they’ve accomplished together.
It’s that moment, “the kick” when you decided to sign up for your first race, workout with friends or push towards a PR or that podium. 

You have a story. And we want to celebrate and share those stories. Listen each week, as husband and wife duo, Shane and Meagen Johnson share the inspirational stories of those that are keeping pace with their passion.

We believe it’s those powerful stories of success and failure that motivate and inspire each of us to keep moving forward, keep being brave, keep doing hard things and keep pushing further.

Or maybe you need “a kick” to get started, remotivated or inspired!

We felt the best way to share those stories would be through a podcast. So you could hear first hand their story, from their own words.